The Books are decided!

The Books are decided!

A bit of back story is required here…..

Renu is a working mum, with 3 great kids.  She is an Engineer by trade, and has an executive Engineering role, an engineering husband and a house they are renovating.  So needless to say, she is very time poor.

I am a mum of 2 wonderful boys, one with special dieting requirement and Anxiety (which is worth mentioning as it is time consuming and will play into my recipe adaptations), a slightly crazy 16 month old puppy Labrador, a Technologist as a husband (love him to bits, but he’s not the greatest contributor in the kitchen) and of course I am the founder of Momma Kombucha, which I am trying to grow.  So, if you’ve met me in person, you will realise I’m always just keeping things together.   I wouldn’t change a thing, but it’s a busy period of our lives.

Besides Renu and I being friends, we also share a passion for cooking, love eating and are always up for a challenge.  For the cooking part, the way I see it, there are two types of cooks out there:

A – The cook who follows a recipe

B – The cook who gets inspiration for a recipe and then hashes something together in the spirit of the recipe.

We are both B’s!  And that is what will bring the spark into this challenge as we will both follow the same recipe, and  likely we will both get very different results.

So back to choosing a cook book – When I was in primary school, we were forced to take out non-fiction books and as  I wasn’t much for reading autobiographies, I found this amazing loop hole of taking out cookbooks.  So for many years I have loved getting tucked up for bed and reading cook books end to end.  Some, I’ve never even cooked a single recipe from, but I still love the cookbook.  So, it was harder than you would imagine to decide on a single cook book, as I own a huge shelf of them, and love them all.

Renu was first in with her Xmas present of Ottolenghi, which looks amazing, and slightly posh and exquisite.  Aka, delicious and time consuming.  So I wanted to compensate my decision with something easier. I narrowed it down to classic Donna Hay, classic Jamie Oliver and my xmas present of Eat California.  In the end, I have decided on Eat California because it’s new and exciting and uses many fresh ingredients.  California diet looks very similar to Sydney, and the ingredients are easily accessible.  Being summer in Sydney might also have had something to do with the decision and I might be longing for a good ol’ Jamie Oliver cook up in the cooler month.

So that it!  Cook books chosen…. Let the cooking begin next week.


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