Sustainability -

Zero Waste

We don’t believe in the plastic leaching out into our kombucha and we strongly believe in zero waste and reuse. We don’t want to see our beautiful bottles landing up in landfill, or even recycling, we want them back!

Bring back your empty bottles to us and we will clean, sanitise and reuse them!

Save the planet, one bottle at a time.


Momma Kombucha is fixed on being part of the world wide waste SOLUTION and not adding to the problem. Everything we do at Momma Kombucha is striving for ZERO WASTE and 100% SUSTAINABILITY. We compost all our tea bag and fruit off cut, use solar to help power our energy, recycle all gloves and soft plastics and reuse all our bottles! We also try source lots of garden grown lemongrass, lemons, citrus, organic fruits.

We believe plastic is terrible for our planet and oceans and damaging to us. We’ve taken our time to create amazing kombucha and we do not want to place it into plastic bottles to see the plastic leach out into our elixir of life.

For these reasons, we have selected to use, and reuse glass bottles. We don’t want to see our beautiful bottles landing up in landfill, or even recycling (as not all councils are recycling), we want them back! If you decide not to re-order for more than a month, please let us know and we’ll swing round and pick them up. Save the planet, one step at a time. Small changes now, could result in big mind shifts and big changes later.

To support this initiative, we charge a once-off bottle fee per bottle in your first order. On reordering, you only pay for your refills.