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New Bottle (per bottle)


Bottle Return System

We proudly run our own bottle return program, where we clean, sanitise and reuse all our 1L Bottles, 250ml bottles and jars returned to us.  This is part of our commitment to the environment.

We also compost and recycle as much as possible.

All bottles returned are re-cleaned, sanitised and re-used.  All we ask is for you to shake out any remaining fruit, cut off the tag and give the bottle a good rinse, or to pop it into the dishwasher.

If you are buying kombucha for the first time, or have decided to keep a bottle for yourself (as they are very useful), then we ask you to please add a ‘New Bottle’ add-on.

If you are returning a cleaned bottle, there is no need to add any ‘New Bottles’ to your order.

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