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4 Pack – 4x1L Bottles of Kombucha


Our kombucha is made fresh, in the same style as though you fermented it yourself.  After a 7-week fermentation cycle, we bottle and add slices of the fruit, roots & spices.   Please enjoy these as part of your drink as they are nutritious and delicious.  As we do not dilute our kombucha, you don’t need much of this amazing drink, only 100-150mls a day, the perfect amount to add to a chilled glass filled with ice, or enjoy as part of your breakfast routine.  We do not artificially carbonate our kombucha, if you like some bubble, try adding some sparkling mineral water.

We believe in less waste, and this package prices is calculated on the bottles being returned.  When you have finished your amazing kombucha, please remove the residue fruit and rinse out your bottle, or place it into the dishwasher.  Remember to leave your clean, empty bottles out on Tuesday night, so they can be collect at the time of delivery.  We then re-clean and sanitise all bottles before they get reused.

Now, all you need to do, is decide on which delicious flavours you would like this week.  Once you have ordered, Natalie will contact you directly via text to confirm you selected flavours.  Flavours to choose from are:

  • Raspberry – an Award winner of the Sydney Fine Food Show 2019 and loved by kids and adults alike, very smooth and delicious.  Highly recommended as a first order.
  • Blackberry – similar flavour profile to Raspberry
  • Passionfruit – love the summer freshness of passionfruit, this is an amazing compliment to our rooibos kombucha.
  • Lime/Ginger – If  you love ginger, this is for you, zesty and refreshing. Everyone loves lime & ginger. Highly recommended as a first order.
  • Turmeric/Ginger & Apple – A Silver Award winner of the Sydney Fine Food Show 2019, this delicious turmeric, ginger & apple is a great immune booster and anti inflammatory elixir.
  • Beetroot/Ginger & Apple – This is our earthy kombucha and especially loved by the our turmeric lovers.  Recommended for the experienced kombucha fans.
  • Green – This is Lime and Ginger with a twist of a green superfood mix and is often described as really delicious, especially considering it’s colour! 😉

Package includes

Includes 4 x 1L bottles of fresh kombucha (and free delivery to Mosman, Manly area, Turramurra, or pickup from North Balgowlah).  We also offer a 2-pack for $31.60 (including $6.60 delivery)

Caffeine and Alcohol

Contains traces of caffeine and no more than 1% alcohol.

Bottle Return System

We run a bottle return program, to help prevent bottles being binned.  All bottles returned are re-cleaned, sanitised and re-used.  This price is based on you returning a clean bottle.  Please leave your bottles outside your front door on Tuesday night, so they can be picked up at the time of delivery.   If bottles are not returned, there could be a bottle surcharge, of $2 per bottle.

Like to Pickup

Are you coming past North Balgowlah?  This is perfect for you.  Pickup your order from the Kombucha Kitchen, just text Natalie to arrange your pick-up time and flavours, and it will be waiting for you in a cooled eski.  Pickup anytime, at your convenience.

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