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It’s Alive

Momma Kombucha is different from other store bought brands because it is Alive.  It is Living on continues to grow and ferment, until it is in your tummy. Many commercial brands are required to be shelf-stable and to extend their shelf lives, so big supermarkets can keep them on the shelf for months without worry of them expiring.  

To do this, the Kombucha is pasteurised before it is bottled, or harmful chemicals are used to stop the living growth within the Kombucha.

But, huh? That doesn’t make sense! Kombucha is all about the bacteria, so if you kill it off, what is left? Well some bacteria is left, but not much.

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At Momma Kombucha, we do not pasteurise with heat, and we do not kill our beautiful bacterias with chemicals. All we do is refrigerate to slow it down. We will also never sell through the shops! We don’t have enough time!

Our shelf life is only a matter of weeks. Once our fermentation process is complete, we bottle it up and get it delivered to you within a few days and then you have a few weeks to enjoy your fresh Kombucha (not that you will need that long!). We only use refrigeration to slow down the growth of bacteria, nothing else.

Does it go off? First, let me give you some background. Kombucha is sweet tea that is fermented using a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast). It looks a bit like a big white jellyfish. Over time the Bacteria and Yeast on the SCOBY penetrate the tea and the tea starts to sour and become fermented.

Fermenting kombucha can go very sour and it can REALLY FIZZ! During the second ferment pressure builds up within the bottle. If it was left unrefrigerated for an extended amount of the time the gas would be forced to escape. That’s why we keep really close tabs on all our bottles. Each bottle is tracked with batch code, which tells us exactly when it was brewed, bottled, and then refrigerated. We only deliver fresh Kombucha to you that is safe to drink. Each bottle has a refrigeration and best before dates, to help you know when your kombucha will be carbonated and ready to drink.

We ferment our kombucha until almost all the sugar is gone and then reintroduce the sweetness by adding natural fruit, berries and spices and nothing more. Once our fruits have been added, we seal the bottle for the second ferment. This only takes a day or two to create the natural carbonation. Some other brands add sugar, or stevia, or CO2 at this stage to enhance the flavour.

We deliver

We deliver to your front door! Yup, that’s right. Remember the delivering milk man and his fresh milk to your door? We’ll get this beautiful gut-healing kombucha right outside your front door, ready to drink.

Why is this so important to us? Well, our kombucha is still alive and fermenting on it’s way to you. We can’t have it hanging around in a supermarket fridge for 6 months, we want to get it straight to you while it’s fresh. So the best way to ensure you get it fresh, is to deliver it ourselves.

Awards 🙂

We are so excited to announce Momma Kombucha’s win at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show, especially as it was our first year!

The 2019 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show is a national competition discovering Australia’s best fine food producers.

We are proud to have taken home 3 Medals: 1 x Silver and 2 x Bronzes for our Turmeric, Ginger, Apple kombucha, and Raspberry kombucha and Blackberry kombucha respectively.  All absolute crowd favourites and loved by our customers.

Thank you to all our loyal customers, from Markets to cafe’s and friends who supported us from the beginning.

Zero Waste

We don’t believe in the plastic leaching out into our kombucha and we strongly believe in zero waste and reuse. We don’t want to see our beautiful bottles landing up in landfill, or even recycling, we want them back! If you decide not to re-order, please let us know and we’ll swing round and pick them up. Save the planet, one bottle at a time.

To support this initiative, we charge a once-off bottle fee per bottle in your first order. On reordering, you only pay for your refills.


Momma Kombucha is fixed on being part of the world wide waste SOLUTION and not adding to the problem. Everything we do at Momma Kombucha is striving for ZERO WASTE and 100% SUSTAINABILITY. We compost all our tea bag and fruit off cut, use solar to help power our energy, recycle all gloves and soft plastics and reuse all our bottles! We also try source lots of garden grown lemongrass, lemons, citrus, organic fruits.

We believe plastic is terrible for our planet and oceans and damaging to us. We’ve taken our time to create amazing kombucha and we do not want to place it into plastic bottles to see the plastic leach out into our elixir of life.

For these reasons, we have selected to use, and reuse glass bottles. We don’t want to see our beautiful bottles landing up in landfill, or even recycling (as not all councils are recycling), we want them back! If you decide not to re-order for more than a month, please let us know and we’ll swing round and pick them up. Save the planet, one step at a time. Small changes now, could result in big mind shifts and big changes later.

To support this initiative, we charge a once-off bottle fee per bottle in your first order. On reordering, you only pay for your refills.

About Me

I am a local North Balgowlah mum with 2 young kids. I am extremely excited and interested in food and studied at Le Cordon Bleu and TAFE. Many moon ago, I sold scrumptious cake, brownie and cookie mixes. I toured Australia with the Good Food Show, Masterchef show and many local Sydney markets.

As my family arrived, I decided to focus on my family instead. My family suffers from several allergies, including gluten and dairy intolerances, so over the years my focus changed. I started researching allergies, gut health and how to heal through food with particular reference to managing my families asthma, eczema and other inflammation based illnesses without the use of drugs or creams.

My son was recommended to go onto an Asthma plan, with daily drugs and inhalers. These interfered with his stomach and gut, causing him constant pain, which in turn affected his appetite, energy levels and general mood and persona.

Adding one daily drug can not only destroys your microbiome, but also causes other unpleasant symptoms, which then require more drugs. It’s an endless cycle, which made me all the more convinced to find a better solution.

Kombucha, Kefir, broths, probiotics and other fermented goods, a gluten free and restricted dairy diet have all played a heavy role in our path of healing.

I started brewing kombucha out of necessity, which turned into a bit of a craze with all my friends and so Momma Kombucha was born.

With my background in food production and my interest in health, it seemed like a natural progression to share my kombucha love with the world.

We include our beautiful living Kombucha as part as our daily routine to vitalise and energise our bodies and hope you enjoy trying it too.

Natalie xx

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