I’m scared

I’m scared

I’m someone who acts impulsively and with the entire 5 seconds that it took to select my cookbook, I’m now wondering what I was thinking? It was simply the last cookbook I was given as a gift for my birthday, which I hadn’t really looked at because 2020 was a year of COVID poop. I’ve now flicked through the cookbook and am a bit excited, but primarily scared.

After a big year in 2020, I’m trying to find my love of cooking and food back again, and just hope this cooking challenge won’t result in me running away crying whilst throwing za’atar and pomegranates angrily behind me yelling “Otto-f*@#$n-lenghi!!”

Natalie, warm up your thermomix and strap yourself on for this wild ride. I’ll be throwing sumac dust your way.

BTW when is the big reveal of the cookbooks?…..

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