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What Makes Momma Kombucha So Special?

It's Alive

Momma Kombucha is different from other store bought brands because it is Alive. It is living and continues to grow and ferment until enjoyed by you.

We do not pasteurise

At Momma Kombucha we do not pasteurise. We do not kill our beautiful bacterias with chemicals. All we do is refrigerate to slow the fermentation down.

Savour the Flavour

We’re always experimenting with new flavours. Our most popular flavours today are Lime and Ginger, Turmeric Ginger & Apple, Raspberry and Passionfruit.

We use glass bottles

We don’t like plastic! We use glass bottles and then, we re-use glass bottles. When we deliver, you leave your empties out and we take them back, clean & sanitise and reuse. Helping to save our planet.